Monday, 24 September 2012

On Location. The start.

Finally a first year! Moving on.

The first project this semester involves studying a location for three days, in order capturing the essence of the site. by producing different images using a variety of materials and mediums (Drawings, paintings, ink ect ect). Then amassing all the work  into an ISSUU magazine.

The location we decided upon, is a skate park. I think this is a wise choice, because, there is so much raw emotions displayed in a skate park, due to the fact that skaters are trying to express themselves.

These are examples of things i've looked at for research and inspiration; These are some magazines already on ISSUU regarding skating. 

These are examples of videos i've watched in order to try understand the emotions being expressed.

and finally, location illustrators for inspiration 

Lucinda Rogers

Olivier Kugler 

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