Friday, 2 November 2012


A 30 second martial arts (Chopsocky) film/clip/teaser. What could be easier?

'The term was usually characterized by over-blown story-linescheesy special effects, and excessive violence. Although it is commonly used as if it were a name of martial arts cinema by the general media (aka non-fans), the word can be a disparaging term against it as a whole. Another common meaning is a generalization for martial-art movies from Asia or Hong Kong in particular without necessarily having the negative spin connotation. Variety magazine, the originator of the term, defined Chopsocky simply as a martial arts film [1]  with no negative connotations.'

Scene from "Enter the Dragon" staring Bruce Lee. Uses a fairly high exposure, lots of mid shot (for the fighting) and close ups for adding tension,  a heavily influential scene during the choreographing of our fight scenes.

A scene from "Fist of Fury" the greatest, terribly dubbed scene in Chopsocky history (in my opinion) again, notice the high exposure and over dramatic fighting. Reminiscent of  Chinese theatre. 

The exaggerated sounds effects play a huge part in this scene, as they do in all chopsocky films.

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